This Is Where You Vote

Tuesday is Election Day.

To find out where you’re voting, check here. If you’ve been affected by Sandy (ie you’ve had to leave your home or can’t reach your designated polling place), you are allowed to vote at any polling place in the state by affidavit ballot. However, if those affected vote outside of their district, they will only be able to vote in the Presidential and Senate races, which are statewide. If at all possible, go to your regular polling place so you can exercise your full voting rights.

You can view our step-by-step guide to Election Day right here. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments.

If you go to vote, we want to hear about your experience. Tell us your story, send us pictures and let us know exactly what happened when you tried to cast your ballot by emailing us at How was the polling place? Was the location staffed well? Were the lines long? Were people waiting on line or leaving before they voted? It’s important to share these details so that if there are any problems, we can alert those who can fix it: elected officials and the Board of Elections.

Good luck and happy voting.