This Friday Until September 2, No G Train Service North Of Nassau Avenue


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Beginning at 10:30pm on Friday, July 25 until 5am on Tuesday, September 2, G trains will run only between Church and Nassau Avenues to allow for thorough reconstruction of tunnels damaged during Hurricane Sandy. This means that at all times, trains will not be running to or from Greenpoint, 21st Street, and Court Square in Long Island City (where rehabilitation work was already completed in 2013).

The 2012 super storm flooded several parts of NYC’s underground transit system with three million gallons of salt water, says the MTA site, damaging signal equipment and eroding walls along tracks and more, including in nine underwater inter-borough tunnels that carry millions of riders on a daily basis. Although temporary fixes were made to get trains back up and running as soon as possible, the organization has decided it’s time to put a longer-term solution in place–one that will ensure a long life for the crucial tubes, will improve service and decrease delays, and will better protect the system should another extreme weather event like Sandy happen again.

Until September 2, commuters are invited to hop one of the shuttle buses stopping at each affected station. You can see a map of bus stops and routes here, and learn more about other transfer options here.

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