What Do You Think About Bensonhurst Park’s Summer Bike Rentals?

(Photo via Wheels Fun Rentals/FB)

The Bay Parkway Promenade, which got a major rehab in 2014, could be on its way to becoming the next family cycling hot spot with the newest addition: group bicycle rentals.

Wheels Fun Rentals, which also has bases at Aviator Sports Center, Prospect Park and near Marine Park, opened at the end of May in Bensonhurst Park, opened at 9000 Bay Parkway near the Ceasar’s Bay Shopping Center — partnering with the NYC Parks Department. And since then, the rentals have been in high-demand, said a company rep.

Renters can ride cruisers, hybrids, or group bicycles like surreys, along the promenade or inside Bensonhurst Park.

If you’re coming with a group larger than 10, make a reservation via the corporate office. Otherwise, just show up and rent a bike on the spot. (They recommend getting your rental before 2pm to beat the rush).

Rental options for families, groups, and couples like surreys and double surreys, choppers, quad sports, tandem bikes, kid’s bikes and kid’s trailers for attachment to other cycles. Rentals range from $8 to $35-per-hour, $18 to $38-per-half-day and $25 to $45-per-full-day for select rides.

What do you think of this new development for the summer — is it a welcomed addition to the neighborhood? Are they fun to ride? Are you concerned about increased traffic on the Promenade? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

Haven’t tried it yet? Visit the Wheels Fun rental website for more info.

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  1. Do not like the idea of the may make it unsafe for people to walk..bikers very often are careless,do not pay attention to t raffic lights ir pedestrians..

  2. These cumbersome group bicycles and their riders have no idea what they are doing. They weave in and out blocking regular traffic and creating a mess. If there was a dedicated bike path for standard bikers/runners then maybe this would be a good idea. I went for a bike ride (not fast) with my toddler on the back in a bike seat and these quad bikes would stop short, cut us off and just sit in the path. It was a mess.

  3. Accident is waiting to happen. I have seen people with different age groups who walk, jog, run, skate, fish, bike sharing the very same path on the Promenade. I don’t against the idea for the bike rental. I am hoping the city can build a dedicate path to separate the traffic from runners / pedestrians.


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