They’re Multiplying! Second MetroPCS Coming To Sheepshead Bay Road

Signs have gone up showing that a MetroPCS location will soon open at 1419 Sheepshead Bay Road, the former storefront of Alfa Vision, which moved to the corner at least a year ago.

The problem is that there already is a MetroPCS at 1710 Sheepshead Bay Road, and they don’t appear to be affiliated. We stopped in to ask when the move would be complete, and the counter-person was unaware that another location was opening up just two blocks away.

We’ve always joked about the inexplicably high number of cell phone stores along the road, but having two different franchisees selling the same phones on the same service with the same plans just seems a little bizarre. It’s like the local version of Manhattan’s Starbucks-on-every-corner fiasco.

That’s it… I’m offering investment funds for a stake in the soon-to-arrive cellphone-sushi-pharmacy storefront that’s bound to open up. I don’t know why, but I’m sure it’ll make a killing.

On an unrelated note, this is Sheepshead Bites’ 3,000th post!