They’re Coming: The Great Cicada Watch

They’re Coming: The Great Cicada Watch
Cicada Tracker

If you’ve even been half-heartedly following Twitter or the news lately, you’ve likely heard that we’re about to be eaten alive by the largest swarm of cicadas this planet has ever seen.

OK, maybe it’s not going to be that extreme, but there’s enough of these things on the way that WNYC has put together a cicada map to help track the oncoming “swarmageddon.”

It takes 17 years for these Brood II cicadas to go from egg to bug, and once the ground reaches 64 degrees, they’re going to emerge, make a ridiculous amount of racket, shag the mighty fine cicada that’s making eye contact from across the tree, and die.

While there are currently no signs of cicada action in the Slope area, a tracker over on 2nd Street between 7th and 8th Ave recently noted that ground temps are now above 54 degrees.

It won’t be long. The cicadas are coming.

Cicada map via WNYC