The Week on the Stoop

The Week on the Stoop

We said goodbye to Soula, hello to banh mi, and what’s up to (the space formerly known as) Brooklyn Bread.

Brooklyn Brine comes to Park Slope, and we will never be stuck in a pickle pickle again.

Gowanus by Design wants your pollution solutions!

Pacific Standard’s hosting a new reading series just for dads.

The time to register for fall sports leagues is now.

Should we all just move to the Upper East Side?, we wondered.

Tea Lounge will open in Kuwait; Kuwaiti playgroups rejoice.

Bob and Judi are heading for sunnier pastures, and they’re taking their Coolectables with ’em.

Our historic district is now bigger than everyone else’s historic district.

We got some more details on the Park Slope Passive House and then felt even worse about running the A/C.

There is a workshop to help us navigate Brooklyn real estate without tears!

We didn’t get any parking tickets at all! But…why?

Where do we watch the Olympics in Park Slope? Here’s where we watch the Olympics in Park Slope.

A bunch of people sang the praises of the G train, but who sang them best?