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The Week on the Stoop


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The Park Slope Library opens Thursday, and we’re trying to remember how such things work (what is this “card”? What are these “books”?).

The Center for Anti-Violence Education is offering a whole bunch of free self-defense classes.

Is Park Slope the world’s worst place to be single?

Yvette Clarke was on the Colbert Report this week (and it didn’t go so well).

GO Brooklyn swept the borough. Some of us WENT.

The Times considered: where in Brooklyn would a Brooklyn Net live if a Brooklyn Net lived in Brooklyn?

There’s still time to apply for some of the city’s gifted and talented programs (but barely).

School started.

Silky Hair and Nails opened, and 5th Ave got a little bit prettier.

Carroll Street had a block party with a fire truck. Garfield Street raised them a pony.

Are pink slip summonses the next stop-and-frisk?

Books, Barclays, and union organizing: a bunch of neighbors are doing cool stuff.

The Dizzy’s employee who was attacked is doing okay (but you can still help).

We contemplated our fall arts options.

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