“The Slope” Takes Park Slope Lesbian Culture to the Big Screen

“The Slope” Takes Park Slope Lesbian Culture to the Big Screen

via The Slope

If you haven’t been watching The Slope, a web series spoofing “hilariously shallow” Park Slope lesbians, you should maybe start. (Confession: I haven’t been watching The Slope. I am maybe definitely going to start. Because the Brooklyn Paper just announced that the The Slope, which made The Guardian’s list of “Top 25 Web Shows You Need to See” and has been called a mix of “great art” and “trash” (the best possible combo), is about to make the jump to the big screen.

The show — and now the movie — is the baby of co-creaters/writers/stars Ingrid Jungermann and Desiree Akhavan, who’ve turned their own experiences as queer women in Park Slope into a kind of semi-autobiographical satire.

Recently, she laid it out for Curve Magazine:

…I realized that I was a cliché through and through. Like from the time I started dating Ingrid to when we started working each other’s co-op shifts. I just had to laugh at myself. I kept seeing little versions of me walking around the street and thinking this is insane. We are all such a joke, but in a great way.

And according to Akhavan, the movie’s going to be even Park Slope-ier than the show. She promises cameos by neighborhood staples like Grand Army Plaza, Gorilla Coffee, and Mission Dolores.

Shooting’s scheduled to start this spring for under $20,000 (help that happen! Donate here).


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