The R Train Will Go Through The Tunnel Starting Monday!


Subway R Train at Prospect Avenue Stop Platform
Earlier this week there was a glimmer of hope that the R train would be traveling through the tunnel between Brooklyn and Manhattan sooner than the MTA’s anticipated October re-opening, but now it looks like that day might be very soon: Monday!

A transit source told the Daily News that the R will be resuming service between the boroughs this Monday, September 15, weeks ahead of schedule.

The R train tunnel connecting Brooklyn and Manhattan has been closed since August 2013 as the MTA worked on what was damaged during Hurricane Sandy, keeping the R train running in two segments, one in Brooklyn and one in Manhattan and Queens.

The MTA website still says the work will be complete in October, so we’re staying cautiously excited that we’ll wake up Monday and the tunnel will be back open. We’ve reached out to the MTA for confirmation, and will let you know how they respond.

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