The Phantom of the Boardwalk?

Love Never Dies - Phantom in Coney Island

On Thursday, news broke that the setting for Phantom: Love Never Dies, a kinda-sorta sequel to Phantom of the Opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber, will be set in none other than Coney Island. The story takes place ten years after the conclusion of “POTO,” when the Phantom follows the object of his desires to Brooklyn where she’s been hired to sing. In an interview with the Associated Press Webber called Coney Island the “eighth wonder of the world” at the turn of century. “Think of Vegas and triple it” he continues.

Wow, kind of makes you wish we lived a hundred years ago. So, who’s taking bets on what he’s going to haunt? The Boardwalk? The Shore Hotel? The Wonder Wheel isn’t that old is it? We wont find out ’til March when the play opens in London. Until then, we’ve got our fingers crossed – will the world’s playground be associated with a big hit or a scorn-worthy flop?

If you want more information on the new play head over to their website. Remember, what happens in Coney Island, stays in Coney Island.