The Open Corner: June #4

The Open Corner: June #4

Yes, it’s already technically July, but cut us a little slack. Our June artist, Lolita B., wraps up her series exploring change and transformation today. Check back next Tuesday for a whole new July series from illustrator Liz Starin. And try to keep cool in the meantime!

June Artist: Lolita B.

From Lolita:

For my past three installments of The Open Corner, I’ve used photos of a train station, a bicycle rack, and street art from our wonderfully diverse neighborhood to convey my theme of change and transformation. My final entry is this glowing flower, found along Dorchester Road while walking toward Coney Island Avenue. As it grows from a bud to full bloom, what better symbol is there of transformation…and in this case emergence, as this flower defiantly pushes past its metal boundary?

One could say that recent changes taking place in Ditmas Park (starting, perhaps with the opening of Vox Pop) have helped it emerge from a neighborhood most had never heard of to one on the cusp of coolness…and on people’s lips. Comparisons to Park Slope are often made, for better or for worse…

So…how do you feel about our neighborhood’s emergence in recent years? Was Vox Pop Ditmas Park’s “tipping point”? And as hip eateries, corporate franchises, and more and more young families move in, is Ditmas Park indeed becoming the new Park Slope?

Lastly, I would like to thank Avi and Mary for the opportunity to contribute my photography and thoughts to The Open Corner. As a photographer, writer, and devotee of our neighborhood, it was a true pleasure to combine these passions into one project…and challenge myself in the process. And to challenge…is to change.

About Lolita

Lolita B. is a Brooklyn native and has lived in Ditmas Park for 16 years. Passionate about street photography, she also enjoys shooting Brooklyn-related sports events, concerts and cultural events for You can view more of her work at and follow @LolitaLens on Instagram.

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