The Magic of Grape Nuts

The Magic of Grape Nuts
via Mr. Breakfast

Ah, Grape Nuts. You can eat them cold, hot, dry, in a smoothie….it’s quite the Renaissance cereal. Did you know, though, that the tiny whole-grain nuggets also have mystical healing powers?

According to an ad published in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle on this day in 1902, the cereal is a miracle cure for whooping cough.

I shall always believe that divine inspiration whispered ‘Grape Nuts.’ At first I did not give the solid part: I poured boiling water on it and let it stand until the water had drawn out some of the strength, added some rich, sweet cream, and gave the little one a few spoonfuls at a time. She kept it down and it nourished her, so that after a while I could feed her the Grape Nuts themselves until she got strong and she is to-day as rugged as I could wish.

Who needs doctors? The world has Grape Nuts.

Photo via Mr. Breakfast


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