“The Long Gas Lines Are a Thing of the Past”

“The Long Gas Lines Are a Thing of the Past”

The tape that once kept customers out of the Foster Avenue Shell gas station is cut up but remains as a reminder of the long lines in our not-too-distant past. Now, the station has no lines at all.

Gas rationing ended in New Jersey today and continues in New York City. There were no police near the gas station to enforce odd-even rules but none were needed.

Local gas stations are serving customers with little or no lines, a stark contrast from just a few days ago when shortages caused lines to extend for several blocks and many hours.

“The long gas lines are a thing of the past,” wrote one neighbor yesterday. “Driving around today I saw open and closed stations but no lines longer than 7-8 cars long.”

“I asked the manager, ‘no more lines?’,” responded another neighbor, “and he smiled and said no.”

Although bus and car traffic has eased, crowding on the Q has remained a significant problem into this week. Several neighbors reported that they’ve had to wait for several trains to pass before boarding. Was your Tuesday subway commute any easier?


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