The Last Brooklyn Outpost Of Blockbuster’s Once Mighty Empire

Photo Credit: trebomb via Flickr

During the last days of Rome, there came a point when the emperor and his generals decided it would be prudent to recall their military installations from the farthest reaches of the realm.

Similarly, the once mighty retail empire of Blockbuster is falling – besieged not by invading hordes streaming across the Rubicon, but rather by streaming movies on demand at home.

After closing their Sheepshead Bay location on Nostrand Avenue, the final Brooklyn outpost of the ebbing brick and mortar chain happens to be right here in Bensonhurst. And according to a spokesperson, the company currently has no plans to close it.

From the Home Reporter:

“Stores can close for a number of reasons, such as the store reaching the end of its lease, a store may be too large in size, or property owners may be unwilling to reach a reasonable lease renewal,” said Kelsey Smith, a spokesperson for Blockbuster, adding that there are no plans at this time to close the store on 18th Avenue. “For employees of any closing stores, we intend to relocate as many employees as possible to other stores.”
Christina Frange, who has worked at the 18th Avenue store since the beginning of October, said its success has to do with their customer service. “We are always on top of sales. We let customers know what is going on and we are organized,” she said. “I also love the people I work with – they are always friendly with customers.”

Customers interviewed by the Reporter also seemed happy with videos that, unlike Netflix, have a good track record of working.

“I tried Netflix and had a lot of problems with the quality of the movies – a lot were scratched and didn’t play,” the Dyker Heights resident explained. “So I went back to Blockbuster. The employees are really helpful and pleasant to deal with.”

Blockbuster Video is located at 6909 18th Avenue, between 69th Street and 70th Street.


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