The Garbage Watch Returns!

For a while there, Sheepshead Bites was known for two things (aside from excellent community reporting!): photos of shopping carts and photos of garbage.

We killed the shopping cart series several months ago. As for the garbage, our whining got a lot of attention from the city, and daily pickups were restored and additional baskets added around problem areas like the Sheepshead Bay subway station. It wasn’t perfect, but the situation got better, and so we settled down a bit.

But the snow and a new round of Sanitation cuts has caused garbage to once again start piling up. There’s almost no block without gutters crammed with garbage that either fell out of residential cans or were just tossed aside because, hey, the city’s not picking it up anyway, right?

Well, Maria D. sent us the above photo with the note, “I couldn’t help but snap this pic of the disgusting garbage situation by ave z and e 1st. Actually it’s like this all over this neighborhood with the garbage piling up every where.”

Maria is quite right – it’s like this all over the neighborhood. And with “limited garbage collection” still in effect, it’s not getting any better. How does your block look? Send photos to nberke [at] sheepsheadbites [dot] com.