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The Enterprize Gift Store Moves Across The Street In Latest Storefront Exodus



The Enterprize Gift & Jewelry store has moved from its 1601 Sheepshead Bay Road location across the street to 1616 Sheepshead Bay Road, co-locating with a new salon named Deniz Hair Salon. That storefront was previously occupied by J’Adore Paris, which closed in December.

It’s the latest business to move out of the strip from the northern side of Sheepshead Bay Road between East 16th Street and Jerome Avenue, leaving Anatolian Gyro as the last remaining tenant of the building. As we’ve previously reported, Anatolian Gyro will soon move to 2623 East 16th Street, just around the corner.

The exodus is due to the landlord’s plans to renovate the strip. The landlord, Waldorf Realty, is also renovating two other stretches on and near Sheepshead Bay Road, leaving many vacant storefronts as it prepares for construction.

The other stores in this building were Eye Appeal, which already moved to 1508 Sheepshead Bay Road, and Zeetron, an electronics repair shop that never reopened after Superstorm Sandy.

Waldorf recently started prepping another Sheepshead Bay Road property at Voorhies Avenue last fall, containing six ground-floor businesses, for a face-lift. They’re also nearing completion on a renovation of another batch of storefronts on the corner of Avenue Z and East 16th Street.


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  1. I only hope there will be actual TENANTS to fill these “renovated” storefronts and properties. These specific landlords have kept so MANY spots on Sheepshead Bay Road EMPTY for so many YEARS– out of greed, thinking it’s “normal” to make zero money instead of some money– that the strip has looked derelict. Maybe that was all part of a master plan to do some major work at one time; if so, let’s hope it pays off for those of us who live here and doesn’t result in renovated, but still empty, storefronts.

  2. I always thought that landlords were foolish to greatly increase the rent when a tenant’s lease is up, thus forcing them out. Like you, I thought they would lose money when a store is unoccupied.

    Then I learned from speaking to a neighbor who has a friend that owns multiple buildings, that the landlord doesn’t lose money when one of their properties remains unoccupied.

    They write off the loss of income in such a case. The write-off then lowers their taxable income, thereby allowing them to pay less in taxes. So they don’t actually lose.

  3. They do lose! They are paying taxes on property that doesn’t produce revenue for them! So technically renting out their property would be a win..


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