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The Election May Be Over But The Jabs Continue

Sources: Offices of Michael Grimm/Offices of Mark Murphy

Michael Grimm won a second term in the 11th Congressional District against Mark Murphy. The race was one of the most controversial and heated among the local races.

Grimm and Murphy’s campaign took several nasty turns with each opponent making ethical accusations against the other, according to SI Live.

Murphy has not conceded yet, instead asking to have the votes individually counted. He writes in a statement:

“I have nothing but respect and admiration for the thousands of people who put aside the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy to participate in the greatest democracy on earth. Our community has suffered great tragedies in the past week, and to honor our community’s resilience I want to make sure every ballot is counted, and although I do not think the immediate outcome will change, their voice and votes most be heard.

Grimm, after the projected victory was announced, said that even if Murphy calls him to concede, he wouldn’t take the call. He called Murphy “despicable.”

“I am proud of the campaign I ran,” said Murphy. “My message of protecting the middle class, standing up for women and medicare clearly resonated. As we pick up the pieces after Sandy, the role of public service will be more important than ever for Staten Island and Brooklyn, and I will continue my leadership on that front for our community.

As for my opponents disgraceful remarks after claiming a victory, I believe it continues to show his poor judgement, and continues to set the wrong example for all those in the community that look for honor, humility and a steady hand and cool head from those we elect.”

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