The Down Low: A Nearly Deadly Deli Fight, A Chess Team Championship & Other Stories You Shouldn’t Miss

Photo courtesy of Sam Polcer

The Down-Low is our round-up of stories and other curiosities all over Brooklyn.

Dramatic Video Shows Fight and Shooting During a Rollercoaster Deli Robbery [NBC NYC]

Check Out a Map of NYC Buildings that Became Landmarks in 2017 [Curbed]

Redrawing Flood Zones Has Multi-Million Dollar Outcomes [New York Times]

Coney Island USA Mourns Loss of Local Carpenter and Ride Mechanic [Coney Island USA]

Legendary Chess Squad from Murrow High Notches 21st Championship [NY Daily News]

City Leaves Sidewalks a Slippery Mess, Breaking Its Own Rules [NY Post]

Meet the Man Who’s Been Sent to Rikers 100 Times [Village Voice]


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