The Cyclone Is Back For Daily Thrills

Courtesy of Charles Denson via Flickr

Charles Lindbergh, the famous aviator, once told Time Magazine that a ride on the Cyclone was more thrilling than his first solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean. Eighty-three rickety years after its opening, that statement can only be more true.

Brooklyn’s claim to fame in the world of thrill rides is open daily starting today through September 6. Those brave enough to ride the track-jumping wooden roller coaster will be able to do so from noon till closing time, which varies depending on the weather.

After Labor Day the Cyclone will remain open only on weekends throughout September.

Full Moon Rides on The Cyclone give riders the chance to get a $2 discount on their tickets by showing up in full vampire face makeup or by presenting a convincing bloodcurdling werewolf scream – which will be judged by the head Vampire in the ticket booth. Those extra thrilling rides will take place under the glow of the full moon on Thursday, May 27; Saturday, June 26; Monday, July 26; and Tuesday, August 24 – starting at 7 p.m.