The Curious Case Of Alex Cavallari, UFO Hunter

“The truth is out there” may have been Fox Mulder’s motto, but it’s one the Sheepshead Bites staff will have to adopt as well.

On February 1, 1998, Sheepshead Bay resident and UFO enthusiast Alex Cavallari witnessed something he had no doubt been waiting for: Mr. Cavallari had a sighting. Yet just over a decade later, the case and the witness has all but disappeared.

Mr. Cavallari described the object as a “small orange/red colored light dot in the Eastern sky” over Nostrand Avenue, near Avenue X. Capturing it on his 35mm camera, he described it as being the size of a “basketball when viewed at arm’s length” and “appeared to be a solid mass of light.”

Moments later he witnessed an unmarked back helicopter hovering and spraying some sort of mist on nearby houses, a sample of which Mr. Cavallari retrieved from his glasses. A few websites regurgitate the same basic details.

Now-defunct internet publications like‘s UFO RoundUp and the archives of the Mutual UFO Network Minnessota website list Mr. Cavallari as New York State’s director of Skywatch International; a UFO hunting collective whose “rise” and “fall” are detailed in an interview on a site owned by UFO conspiracy theorist Jeff Rense.

Beyond that, old blogs and personal websites that haven’t been updated in years are the only vague, surviving proof of Skywatch International’s existence. Perhaps even more strange is the absence and strange implication of Mr. Cavallari’s current whereabouts.

Third Eye Over Iowa, a web production run by “Hans Abbadon,” an internet personality claiming to be an immortal vampire, lists Cavallari’s contact info. Several others, including, claim that the footage and photographs of his Sheepshead sighting are available.

Despite that, contact has not been established with Mr. Cavallari, despite the e-mail account being active.

Upon further investigation, Sheepshead Bites’ own X-files office learned that Mr. Cavallari’s last known whereabouts are suggested to be working with the Tesla Research Labs in Hopkin’s Grove, Iowa.

Every piece of the puzzle is shrouded in mystery. The fantastic connections beg questioning. Cavallari is allegedly working at the Tesla labs on a project related to the paranormal connection to “dermagraphia.” Gentle research unveils that the supposed lab is thought to be funded by “Master Vampire” Hans Abbadon, whose whereabouts, too, are unknown.

Mr. Cavallari’s last known web venture was registering, which now appears to be registered to is registered to Mars Callahan;  the director and star of major motion picture “Poolhall Junkies.”

Most of Mr. Cavallari’s online presence takes place in 1998, the year of his sighting. Beyond that, internet archives do not have any updates regarding him or his whereabouts past 2003. On January 1, 2004, the parent website hosting an online magazine for which Mr. Cavallari wrote ceased publication.

Perhaps the most striking oddity comes from an anonymous source that recognized Mr. Cavallari’s name straightaway when hearing of this article. The source – a Sheepshead Bay resident – said Mr. Cavallari was a “small, thin man that was very hyper” and very openly and readily discussed “paranormal activity and UFOs.” Noting that he had passed out his “UFO Investigator” business card freely, our source commented he was very memorable and stood out. Our source stated that they had not seen him since “roughly 2003.” That is also where the trail ends in terms of internet research.

Has Alex Cavallari vanished? Has he been silenced? Or, perhaps, he has been abducted – taken in by the very alien visitors he could never convince his neighbors existed.

At this time, these questions cannot be answered. Alex Cavallari remains a mystery, eluding even the internet’s grasp.