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The Circle Of Donuts: Dunkin, Timmy’s, Dunkin Again


DSC_0014 and Sheepshead Bites were racing to get this story up. They won, but they didn’t have any words. We’ve got words. Take that. [UPDATE: They added words.]

And here’s some info to make it factual – this is at 2302 Knapp Street (and Avenue W).

Oh, but I did use his photo because it was better than ours. Thanks to Arthur B. for the tip.

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  1. From my information.

    Dunken Donuts Franchise closed it down because the person who ha dhte dunken donuts ( they require you to have 5 locations now )

    He was playing games with paying employees.
    Dunken Donuts wants the owners not to hire ILLEGAL immigrants.

    Was told they revoked the franchise agreement to about 15 Dunken Donuts in New York state…

    The owner tried to play games and made it TOMMY

    But, since Dunken Donuts is such a strong name, they will beat Crispy creme or Tim Hortons

    Tim Hortons is trying to compete in NYC, but Dunken Donuts is one of the stongest brands here….

    Probably, the franchise guy cleared his situation with Dunken Donuts or a different owner will take over…

    They also opened a Dunken Donuts on the Belt Parkway Mobile station by Flatbush ave exit..

    Dunken Donuts works under HUGE profit margin and has a higher success rate…

  2. This is the most stupid thing I ever saw. They do not know what they are doing. I hate Hortons NY runs on Dunken.

  3. Who doesn’t know what they are doing?
    Dunken donuts are very organized?
    Tim Hortons is a Canadian company ( if you go to Buffalo NY, very few people know Dunken… Tim Hortons DOMINATED the area)

    In Boston, Dunken Donuts dominated the area.

    Regarding location, the owners will make enough $ to keep it open. But it may gross over a $mil because they also had ice cream ( HUGE profit margin ) and sitting area.

    The Mobile station on Belt Parkway will have HUGE success because of the # of vehicles that see that sign ever day.

    But, if you calling Franchise stupid.
    Subway lets locations hire what ever labor they want. Franchise gets royalty from the GROSS and you MUST buy everything from them ( one guy was complaining to me that they make him buy the soda from a distributor who was selling it MORE expensive than Costco wholesalers )

    Once they will be bigger, they will dictate to the locations more demands..
    For example, Subway used to allow hersheys to be at the same store as Subway. Now, they want ONLY Subway and no one else helping you make money to pay the rent.
    As they will get bigger, they may require locations not to hire illegal immigrants ( CHEAP LABOR )

    Mcdonlads now requires locations to be OWNER / Operator… NO MORE ABSENTEE ownership.

    Dunken donuts requires 5 locaitons

    Burger King wants stands alone locations with parking ( NYC has exceptions ) AND THEY WENT PRIVATE OR ALREADY AREA PRIVATE.

    I do have an ISSUE with the Mobile Station Dunken donuts on the belt parkway.
    1. the land is owned by the New York

    2. I think the Parks and recreation or DOT controls that part.

    3. Since Dunken Donuts is JUNK FOOD, I would not allow any junk food on PUBLIC property.
    which means, all fast foods should NOT be allowed on Public property ( For example, tavern on the green in Central Park should not be allowed to have a fast food )

    4. But, probably Mobile leased the land and they ahve the right to do what they want on the land.

    5. we NEED MORE organic and HEALTHY foods

  4. One time I went to the place. I saw a fly on the donuts and the guy told me “its only one fly”

    Came back next day and warned him…

    Its only ONE violation

  5. Every time I saw “Timmy’s Donuts”, I expected someone in a wheelchair behind the counter to go, “Timmmeehhhhhhhh!!!!”

  6. Focus on the words and the great information given to you to think about.

    Article $1
    Crammer $2
    Dunken Donuts coffee $3
    Awesome TRUE information .. priceless

  7. Cinnamon cake munchkins – $6/doz.
    Bavarian creme dount – $1.75
    Coffee coolatta $1.50 minus EddieGreen…..priceless



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