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The Bite: Help Us Improve “A Taste Of Sheepshead Bay”

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THE BITE: I’m down with a nasty summer cold this week, so I haven’t been eating as much as I normally do. That means I don’t have a new restaurant or foodstuff to rave about today. But, I do have a couple of questions.

The second annual A Taste of Sheepshead Bay is scheduled for October 11, 2012. And, we want it to be better than the original.

  • What restaurants do you want there this year?
  • How can we improve the eating experience?
  • What more can we bring to the table?
  • If we bring in additional entertainment during the event, what would you like it to be?
  • What can we add/remove from the menu guide (look to the right)? Should we make a mobile version available?
  • How about a limited number of “VIP tickets?” This will involve a separate admission charge, but provide additional goodies not available to the general public?

Help make this event one of the best in the borough by making it the best for you!

I have all sorts of ideas – but I want to make you guys happy. This is your chance to help shape the greatest community event in the Bay. Help me out here!

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  1. how about a ‘cook off’  with a few restaurants competing for ‘best’ in a live cookoff (of a bay specialty..maybe calamari, maybe a hero?)  and having the attendees vote for their fav?  how about a SUMMER version to coincide with BayFest?  YES to a Mobile version but how would you do that?  not to keen on a VIP ticket. 

    TASTE of needs a better branding….  and IF it could be moved to an outdoor venue and done in the spring it COULD entice people all over the city to start thinking of the BAY as their GO TO for weekend fun and dining all SUMMER and into the fall….  so maybe move the date to spring instead of fall or try to have two events… a VIP type indoor one and pre summer outdoor one…

    think ‘great googa mooga only one that WORKS 🙂  

  2. thinking back to the whole googamooga disaster with vip tickets, i would say i would be against that. 

  3. No suggestions, Ned.  Just wanted to tell you that you did a wonderful job last year.  Look forward to supporting you again this year!

  4. To improve over last year’s event?   I’d delete the torrential pouring rain.  It was a resounding success and great time.
    I’d add some sort of paid raffle to raise funds for a charity – or perhaps to help defray some Sheepshead Bites costs;  some prizes might be donated by the restaurants or local businesses –  raffle tickets can be sold online, as well.  VIP’s can enter earlier – but do charge the extravagant people dearly for the premiere right of entry (charity opportunity here, as well).  Alternating musical performers would be wonderful.   Perhaps one organized game/task of some sort to make things cutesy fun for some prize – first one to phone a number from their cell phone after figuring out a riddle/project? 
    Please do include early bird pricing for those who will commit early.  I do not see any need to do the extra work in order to have a mobile or app for the event.
    Some thoughts.  I’d be happy to volunteer and help out if you like.

  5. The raffle is a great idea. I like the 50/50, it can be done more than once during the affair. The money can be donated and used for site upgrades. That would be a win/win. I really enjoy The Shots. They are very entertaining and do a wicked Sweet Child of Mine.

  6. Instead of a 50/50 raffle,  maybe every participating restaurant and all the sponsors can donate a gift certificate to their restaurant or store and then 100% of the proceeds can go to charity.  Not only would it be a great way to give back but more than one guest would come home with a gift.  I know I would be more than happy to put together a “Plumbing Gift Basket” for the event.

  7. I see that Master Plumber ‘liked’ the idea that someone liked his idea which was a followup from an idea of mine.   I like that. ;)~~~


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