The Big Question: What’s the Best Way to Eat an Oreo?

The Big Question: What’s the Best Way to Eat an Oreo?

Today we celebrate the 101st anniversary of one of life’s treasures: the Oreo. Who doesn’t love an Oreo? The cookie, which was introduced by the National Biscuit Company on March 6, 1912, has a little something for everyone. It’s chocolate, it’s cream, it’s beautiful.

There is one question, though, that has plagued mankind since the sandwich cookie’s debut. What’s the best way to eat an Oreo? Do you twist the cookie apart? Eat it whole? Do you dunk it in milk?

Here’s what some of your neighbors had to say:

Jennifer Kahrs, owner of The Shadowbox Shop is a dunker. “I dunk in milk till my fingertips, and eat them soft.”

Michelle Novie “dunks till soggy.”

When joining together in holy matrimony, it’s important to learn as much as possible about your future spouse, so we asked Malcolm Kates and Heather Johnston, winners of The White Gown’s recent Valentine’s Day competition, how they Oreo.

“Ha! Not sure about Malcolm,” said Heather, “but I like to twist them and then eat them.”

“Slightly saturated with milk, but not to the point of disintegration,” Malcolm (who has obviously put some serious thought into this) told us. “The dunk timing and technique are crucial.”

You’re up, South Slope:

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Image via That’s Nerdalicious


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