Photo: Bath Beach Post Office In The Sepia-Tinted Days Of 1914

The Bath Beach Post Office crew circa 1914 (Source: Howard Weiss via Facebook)
The Bath Beach post office crew in 1914 (Source: Howard Weiss via Facebook)

There is something about this picture of the Bath Beach post office picture from 1914 that makes me long for an orange creamsicle. Bensonhurst Bean reader Howard Weiss took a picture of this old photograph hanging up at the Brooklyn Letter Carriers Union Hall on 23rd Avenue in Bath Beach (2262 Bath Avenue).

The picture was taken on June 19, 1914, and we are proud to keep the spirit of these proud postal workers alive in cyberspace. Looking at the picture, I can’t help but feel a bit sorry for the overdressed workers and mail carriers who probably had to deliver packages and letters in bow-ties, jackets, slacks and dress shoes on hot summer days. Perhaps they just got dressed up for the picture, but part of me suspects that the time was a lot more formal in those days. I’m sure it was a happy day indeed when post office regulations were amended to allow those scandalous shorts and comfortable sneakers.

Thanks again to Howard for this great snapshot of local history!