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The 9 Most Refreshing Cold Drinks In Ditmas Park


Cold Drinks:  Watermelon Mint Juice from Qathra

Entering the third day in what is forecast to be a five-day run of temperatures above 90 degrees, we want to make sure you stay hydrated–deliciously hydrated. So we’ve rounded up nine of the most tasty, iced, non-alcoholic drinks you can find in Ditmas Park. Did we miss your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

1. Watermelon-Mint Juice, $4
Qathra, 1112 Cortelyou Road, 718-484-3322
It’s like the contained version of sitting at a picnic table eating slice after slice of watermelon. Sweet but not cloying, and the mint adds just enough herbaceousness without it being overpowering. Really, that’s a lot of words to say, this is summer in a cup.

Cold Drinks: Jamaica Agua Fresca from Cinco de Mayo

2. Jamaica Agua Fresca, $2.50
Cinco de Mayo, 1202 Cortelyou Road, 718-693-1022
This dark reddish-purple hibiscus tea is a terrific thirst-quencher. For those who’ve never tried it, it’s got a cranberry-like tartness, balanced with a touch of sugar. Plus, it gets bonus points for being available at one of the few places that delivers.

Cold Drinks: Am Thai's Thai Iced Tea

3. Thai Iced Tea, $2.50 regular/$5 jumbo
Am Thai Bistro, 1003 Church Avenue, 718-287-8888
Sweet, creamy, and with a hint of spice, this is exactly what you expect from a Thai iced tea–and it’s sort of what you wish all iced tea was like.

Cold Drinks: Mango Tango Smoothie from Salud

4. Mango Tango Smoothie, $8
Salud, 1308 Avenue H, 347-295-1191
You can’t really go wrong with any of their smoothies (for an alternative to a milkshake, try the Lucha Libre), but we like the Mango Tango because it’s all fruit (mango and pineapple plus orange juice), which keeps it light. If you don’t want to stick to one of their signature smoothies, you’re welcome to create your own.

Cold Drinks: Iced Americano from Lark

5. Iced Americano, $2.75
Lark, 1007 Church Avenue, 718-469-0140 
Basically, it’s a made-to-order iced coffee–espresso poured over ice and topped with water–so it’s hard to go wrong. Plus, we like that it’s the same price as the hot version, so we can switch between them easily as the seasons change.

mimi's mint lemonade

6. Mint Lemonade, $3
Mimi’s Hummus, 1209 Cortelyou Road, 718-284-4444
One of two kinds of lemonades they have here–the other is laced with lavender, which some people may find too floral, but it’s nice if you like it in other things. The mint in this version is just the right touch, even if the lemonade itself can edge toward the sweet side.

cafe tibet mango lassi

7. Mango Lassi, $3.50
Cafe Tibet, 1510 Cortelyou Road, 718-941-2725
When you hop off the Q train after a long day of work, and you’re hit with that wall of humidity on the platform, know that relief is just a flight of stairs away. Mango, yogurt, a bit of spices, and you can sip away as you wait for some momos.

Cold Drinks: Cold Brew Iced Coffee from Coffee Mob

8. Cold Brew, $3.50
Coffee Mob, 1514 Newkirk Avenue, [email protected]
Cold brew coffee is just about everywhere these days. Fans say it’s less acidic–we just say it’s delicious. In addition to also doing a decaf cold brew, Coffee Mob occasionally switches up from using its house blend and cold brews some iced coffee using different beans from Toby’s Estate, so every once in a while you might get to try something new.

Cold Drinks: Italian Soda at Milk & Honey

9. Italian Soda, $3
Milk & Honey, 1119 Newkirk Avenue, 718-513-0441
With seltzer on tap, the soda possibilities open up wide. We noticed they’re doing an egg cream now, but until we have a chance to check it out, we’re plenty satisfied with the Italian soda options. They’ve got syrups from Brooklyn-based P&H Soda Co. (and will be making their own, too), which, when topped off with seltzer, makes for a mildly sweet, sparkling drink.

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  1. I have never been able to get Cinco de Mayo to answer the phone to place a delivery order. I’ve tried at least 10 times. Does anyone have any tips/tricks? Am I blacklisted for some reason?

  2. I call there pretty often – the secret is to wait about 10 or so rings – the line chef answers the phone and lots of times he is busy!


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