The 70th Precinct Shrinks, Loses 20 Impact Zone Cops

In the midst of a long-term drop in crime, the 70th Precinct has shrunk enormously over the past 20 years. As 2012 crime matches 2011’s rates, the precinct has continued to become smaller today. In the last week, several interesting numbers and anecdotes have been offered up by Community Board 14 and the precinct itself.

• In 1992, the 70th Precinct had 400 cops. Today, we have about 165, said Gary Schultze, co-chair of Community Board 14’s Public Safety Committee. Crime is down about 80% since 1992. This is a testament to the great work the police continue to do, said Gary.

• In the wake of the Sandy, the 70th Precinct sheltered about 30 soaking wet officers from the evacuated 60th Precinct. Since Sandy, nearly a dozen 70th Precinct cops have traveled to areas affected by the storm every night, said Deputy Inspector Rodriguez.

• The 70th Precinct lost 20 impact zone officers recently, continued Gary Schultze. Impact zone cops tend to be new officers sent into some of the most dangerous areas in the precinct. “They may be replaced with the new graduating class,” said Gary.

At the recent 70th Precinct Community Council meeting, Inspector Rodriguez was unable to offer an answer when one resident asked when the precinct might be restored to full strength.


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