Thanks For Three Awesome Years Of Ditmas Park Corner, And Here’s To Many More!

bouquet of flowers

On March 10, 2012, I was hanging out at the Cortelyou Greenmarket, passing out fliers alongside Liena Zagare, Ben Smith, their kids, and various friends, trying to get the word out about our new site, Ditmas Park Corner. Following a couple weeks without a regular source for local news, people were so wonderfully receptive, and, frankly, a bit relieved. And we felt the exact same way, to be honest — relieved to be presenting something to the neighborhood that we had so much hope for, and were incredibly proud to share.

Now, three years later, a lot has changed. Our network has grown to include six more essential local news sites (and more), we have a team of incredibly talented editors, contributing writers, and salespeople, and we’ve managed to produce important work right alongside the more lighthearted content, all of which we care deeply about.

Still, so much remains the same. You can find us hanging out just about every week at the Greenmarket on the corner or Cortelyou and Argyle, drinking coffee and plotting menus with neighbors — who also ask questions about this place or that incident, who share rumors that we have the resources to look into more deeply, who mention a person who did something noteworthy that didn’t get much attention, but should. Sometimes I think we get more story ideas on Sunday mornings than in a week’s worth of phone calls and emails.

Three years ago today we posted this:

Because we live here, work here, and play here, we want to make sure the things we care about are covered right. But you live here too, so we hope you’ll help guide that coverage.

And we still feel exactly the same. We rely on the strength of our amazing staff, but we can’t do this without the help of our neighbors or the support of our advertisers (and your support of them!). Your tips, concerns, questions, ideas, they’re incredibly vital to what we’re doing, and we truly appreciate it. Contact us anytime at Thank you for everything you’ve helped with to keep this, and all our sites, going, and thanks in advance for everything to come.


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