Thanks, Staples, for Supporting Us

(Staples Office Superstore Copy & Print Center – Photo by Ray Johnson)

It’s official. We’re out of business cards. We gave out our last one just recently. So, this is a good time for me to make good on a promise I made to myself that I would thank the sponsor – Staples Office Superstore at 2892 Ocean Ave (at the corner of Ocean Ave and Avenue Y).

On September 11, I went to the Staples Store to get some business cards to have on hand in case anyone should ask at the evening’s planned memorial. One of the managers, Mohammed, graciously offered our site its first 200 cards for free.

Using the Staples Business Card Maker, I was able to put together a design quickly. A couple of hours later, the cards were ready. My rushed design wasn’t as well-thought out with its black background and red lettering, but it did the job.

So, it’s a little belated, but here it is:
Thank You, Staples Office Superstore, for recognizing the Sheepshead Bites and its community-minded efforts for Sheepshead Bay.