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Terroir and the Legacy of Great Lakes


Terroir, the “elitist wine bar for everyone,” seems to be very concerned about honoring their Great Lakes legacy. Or at least, not alienating devotees of the dive bar that used to occupy the space. Or neighborhood continuity?

First there was the sign:

photo via HPS

The text:

“Yes, this is the former home of Great Lakes, one of the greatest dive bars in NYC history… Super cheap beers. Super cool juke box. Super cool regulars. Super smell of stale cigarettes. Super amounts of Xmas lights. Super good time!

Terroir Park Slope will pay homage to Great Lakes by… uhmmmm… well… okay, remembering the good times. Instead, we will serve Marco’s veal ricotta meatballs (the best balls to ever pass your lips), and fried stuff (who doesn’t like fried stuff) and lots of pork (__ to a pig in effect) and wine and beer. And we will wear Revolutionary War garb to remember the Battle of Brooklyn (General Howe, go to Hell!)”

“Super smell of stale cigarettes”? “Super amounts of Xmas lights”? Hey, that cute boy over there totally likes you and you totally don’t have toilet paper stuck to your shoe.

But then HPS got a peek inside the place, and while the general atmosphere’s definitely swanky, Terroir’s (earnestly?) left a little bit of Great Lakes in tact.

photo via HPS

(HPS reports that there’s also going to be a second, graffiti-free bathroom for less nostalgic patrons.)

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