Tenant Captures Landlord’s Harassment On Video

Bryan Eisenberg thought things were getting better after he brought the fight with his landlord online. After Sheepshead Bites’ report about his website and his tensions with his allegedly abusive landlord, other news outlets picked it up. Government agencies started paying a little more attention, and the landlord, NYPD officer Mehtab Malhi, was shamed into making improvements (though he did threaten a lawsuit).

The late-night banging and doorbell ringing at 2842 Brigham Street stopped for several days. The garbage was cleaned up and the roach problem eliminated. And the obstacles barricading their basement were removed.

But that didn’t last very long.

We checked in with Eisenberg, and he and his blog indicate that whatever strides they had made in their battle with the landlord have mostly been undone.

Eisenberg claims the Malhis have engaged in an illegal eviction, taking their property and throwing it outside. They’ve also bolted the second egress from the apartment, creating a fire hazard. And, last but not least, the ringing – oh the ringing! – has returned.

Just this morning, Eisenberg updated the blog detailing last night’s ringing. He wrote, “Between the bell ringing and their floor banging I’ve been up since 2am, my 2 year old has been up and fully awake from about 3am and my 10 year old is up as well.”

But this time he’s got a little bit more than just his word – which Malhi called into question in our last report. This time, Eisenberg caught the ringing on video. The video, above, was taken by a small camera that monitored the front door. Here’s Eisenberg’s narration:

Pay attention right under the tree, in the white space is our house number and right below that is the bell. You’ll see twice the door on the left open, the the screen door opens just a bit and the hand creeps out to disturb our sleep. The first time is about 17 seconds into the recording.