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Temporary Comfort Station At Marine Park Vandalized!


A staffer for Councilman Lew Fidler sent us the following note yesterday.

Today, Council Member Lew Fidler was informed that vandal(s) broke into the portable trailers, which have been used as a comfort station in Marine Park (near Fillmore Avenue), and caused damage.

The Parks Department is aware of the problem and Council Member Fidler has asked Parks to work as quickly as possible to make the necessary repairs. However, there will be no restroom facilities at this location for the next few days.

In the meantime, park goers can feel free to utilize the restroom facilities located at the Marine Park Environmental Center on Avenue U.

In lieu (Lew? [or, for a certain reporter who can’t spell, Lou]) of a photo, please see the accompanying illustration.

UPDATE (5:50 p.m.): Turns out ninjas had nothing to do with it. This just in from Councilman Fidler’s office:

Councilman Fidler received an update today that the damage to the temporary comfort station in Marine Park was not the work of humans, as originally believed, but of animals. Further inspection today revealed that insulation was torn off and the heating element, used to prevent the pipes from freezing, was damaged. Without proper heat, the pipes to the station froze. Crews are working to repair the heating system and defrost the pipes. The current cold weather makes repairs more difficult but we have been told that a Parks Dept. crew is working to restore service.

I have long said we need to get the animals out of the parks. We look forward to Mayor Bloomberg’s proposal banning wildlife from using Parks Department land. All squirrels found in violation will receive a fine for 125 acorns, though observers already believe there will be lax enforcement due to a shortage of Parks Enforcement agents.

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  1. “In lieu (Lew? [or, for a certain reporter who can’t spell, Lou]) of a photo, please see the accompanying illustration.” which of course is a picture of a loo.

    Funny, that is the same reporter who wanted to quote me last year, and I told him if he wanted to quote me, he should spell my name right. So instead of asking me for the spelling, he just sneered at me and ended up quoting someone else.

  2. It brings me comfort to know that the animals that did this damage were not the animals we originally thought they were, I think.


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