Temple Beth Emeth To Host ‘Ditmas Snark,’ A Night Of Stand-Up Featuring 12 Comedians On Saturday, June 6

Temple Beth Emeth To Host ‘Ditmas Snark,’ A Night Of Stand-Up Featuring 12 Comedians On Saturday, June 6
Image courtesy Temple Beth Emeth
Image courtesy Temple Beth Emeth

Ditmas Park, meet Ditmas Snark.

Temple Beth Emeth (83 Marlborough Road, by Church Avenue) will host Ditmas Snark, an evening of stand-up comedy featuring 12 comics from the Gotham Comedy Club, the Broadway Comedy Club, Stand Up NY, Caroline’s, and more on Saturday, June 6 at 8:30pm. Comedian Sheba Mason, who performs nightly at comedy clubs throughout New York, will headline the laugh-filled evening.

Before the comedians descend upon our neighborhood, we were able to catch up with Windsor Terrace neighbor Adam Torres and the Bronx-based Michelle Cohen about performing in long johns, getting hooked on comedy and the upcoming night o’snark at the temple.

Adam Torres. Photo courtesy Temple Beth Emeth
Adam Torres. Photo courtesy Temple Beth Emeth

Adam Torres lives in Windsor Terrace with his wife, son, and stepdaughter.

We’re excited to see you, and so many other comedians, in our neighborhood! What are you most looking forward to about this performance?

The temple will be a comedy club! And it’s in a neighborhood that — you’re right — isn’t saturated with comedy. But really, I can’t wait to laugh my ass off within walking distance of my house. Oops, sorry. I mean my apartment.

What’s the strangest thing that’s ever happened to you while performing?

Strangest? Well, I did it to myself. In a show a while back, when I was introduced I ran up onstage, out of breath, wearing a sweatshirt and long johns. And I explained I was just coming from my ballet performance of Swan Lake at the Juilliard School of Continuing Education — Staten Island campus. That whole thing just didn’t work out as well in person as it did conceptually.

Can you give us a glimpse of what your stand-up routine will be like on June 6?

I’m twice married, once divorced, and once child-ed. My then-three-year old son became my part-time roommate, and we literally shared a room. Have you ever had a roommate who has to be taught all the basics in order to function in life, because he’s never been on his own before? That’s what it was like. Every. Single. Day.

Michelle Cohen. Photo courtesy Temple Beth Emeth
Michelle Cohen. Photo courtesy Temple Beth Emeth

When Michelle Cohen isn’t performing in Ditmas Park — or in spots throughout New York — you can find her musing about the hilarity that is dating on her blog, A Waste of Good Lip Gloss. You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter.

We’re super pumped that so many comedians will be in our neighborhood all at once. What is it like for you, as a performer, to be doing stand-up with such a large group?

I’ve performed in a few shows as large as this and with about half the people we’ve selected. What I’m more excited about is producing and performing in a show for Temple Beth Emeth — they have great community and cultural events, and I’m excited to be part of their first comedy night and hope we can do more.

What first drew you to comedy?

I started doing comedy because of my blog. After I started it, several people suggested I take my stories “on the road.” So, I spoke to someone in the industry, was convinced to take his class, and after my first show, I was hooked!

Have you been to Ditmas Park before? If so, what’s your favorite thing about the neighborhood? If not, what are you looking forward to about being here?

I was born in Brooklyn, but up until my parents moved to Ditmas Park two years ago, I didn’t come to Brooklyn…. ever. But, now I am come visit them pretty often; I like it, it’s pretty and has nice places to eat.

Tickets for Ditmas Snark are $25, which include wine (ID required), soda and refreshments. To purchase tickets, you can go here. For more information, call 718-282-1596.


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