Tell Us Your Father’s Day Fish Stories!

father daughter halibut

Many of you had your day out in our local waters celebrating Father’s day with Daddy Fisherman and are just finishing up eating your day’s catch.

Go ahead and share your story of today’s big catch, here. Even if you didn’t go fishing today or the new fishing rules limited your catch, feel free to tell us a past fish tale your father told you!

Your story doesn’t have to be quite as dramatic as six-year-old Tegan Humphrey’s. Last Sunday, she did her father proud by landing a very large halibut on board Capt. Rob Hyslip’s charter boat in Alaska. The Anchorage Daily News says that, not unlike a lot of you who went to Coney Island yesterday, she was fishing for a mermaid.

Of course, she had some help from dad and the captain’s sawed-off shotgun. The Slanch Report tells us that while she was more than willing to reel the fish in, she did not want it shot. We knew the story of a little girl reeling it all in by herself sounded a little fishy!

But, keep your comments sans-guns — because, Sheepshead Bay has seen more than its share of fishes and guns!

(Photo courtesy of Paula Frisinger & Homer Jackpot Halibut Derby via AOL Good News Network)