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Teenage Gunman Arrested In Shooting By Parade Ground Tuesday Evening

Photo courtesy Emile Mulder
Photo courtesy Emile Mulder

A 14-year-old boy was arrested last night and charged with shooting a 38-year-old woman by Parade Place and Crooke Avenue, right by the Parade Ground, around 5pm Tuesday evening, the NYPD said.

The woman was shot in the shoulder, and a 14-year-old girl was hit in the leg at the same time, police said. The teenager arrested has not yet been charged in connection with shooting the 14-year-old girl, the NYPD told us this morning.

Both victims were transported to Kings County Hospital with non-life threatening wounds, police said.

Neighbors described a chaotic scene in the wake of the shooting.

“It looked like she was in shock,” Nadine Battle told DNAinfo in reference to the teenage girl who was shot. “[Blood was] running from her thigh all the way to her shoe. The people in the park were screaming.”

Another neighbor told DNAinfo that she would no longer allow her young children to go to the Detective Dillon Stewart Playground, located at the Parade Ground.

“It’s just too much,” the woman said to DNAinfo.

“They’re so brazen, to shoot with children around and the police camera down there,”  she continued, referring to the nearby NYPD watchtower that recently went up on Caton Avenue and Parade Place.

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  1. Now there will be cops and cameras put up for a few months, maybe while you guys are around you can start writing tickets for filthy humans not picking up their dog poop. Crooke Ave is a landmine of doodie.And shootings of course.

  2. I think they are probably referring to the camera on top of the restrooms at Parade and Crooke instead of the tower.

  3. No, except for the possibility of the view being blocked by leaves, this should have been visible to the “eye in the sky.” Incredible. So much for “deterrence” by the old “occupying force.” Makes one wonder what deterrence would look like. Maybe if this young man had been “disrespected” with some stop-and-frisk, he wouldn’t have been able to ruin his own life and injure others.

  4. CONGRATULATIONS, seriously, for having (to the best of my knowledge at 12:31 p.m.) scooped both News12 Brooklyn and NBC News 4 on the arrest. I haven’t checked 1010 WINS or other outlets, but this is the first coverage of an arrest that I’ve seen…and the first to include the VERY newsworthy angle that an NYPD “eye in the sky” was sitting half a block away. Next top question: Did the “eye” obtain any video footage or otherwise contribute to the arrest? Because it certainly failed (incredibly!) as a deterrent.

  5. How can a 14 year-old 1) gain such easy access to a gun and 2) have such disregard for human life? We have truly ALL failed this kid, but I also don’t think he deserves a second chance. His life should pretty much be over now.

  6. Hate to agree, but I’m with you. I used to take my 2 year old to the playground nearby. So much for that.

  7. Hey, please don’t say “we ALL” failed this kid. I did not fail him, and nothing I or my family have done caused him to commit this despicable act.

  8. No, sorry, we all failed him. Our priorities as a culture are completely bankrupt, we are all complicit, and until we accept that this is everybody’s problem, it will continue to happen.

  9. Right. Until we live in some sort of utopia, we aren’t responsible for any of our individual actions.

    In that case, where’s my shotgun….

  10. Not my fault. I didn’t fail anyone. I’m a law abiding, tax paying citizen. My tax dollars support these miscreants if anything.

  11. We didn’t fall him. No one told this fool to take a gun a fire it. He chose to do it and he’s going to pay for that. I do wish people would address in the elephant in the room and that is a lot this thug nonsense is tied to the cultural decadence mainstream hip hop has brought us going all the way back to the days of gangster rap that came out of California. This industry makes money of the misery and the exploitation of young black men and women and reinforces the stereotypes of black men and women and no one not even some of these “leaders” would dare challenge it because they are too cowardly to do so.

    Until that happens, the best way to mitigate this is to add more cops in area and other troubled hotspots.

  12. Please notice that I said this kid doesn’t deserve a second chance and that his life is essentially finished. I’m all for personal responsibilities, but I think this stuff will continue to happen until we make very broad changes in our society that will require a collective effort and a collective sense of responsibility. I believe that’s much harder to do and much harder to accept than the good ‘ give me my shotgun solution.

  13. If you feel you “let this kid down”, that’s on you. You can visit him in prison (or wherever) and make your apologies.

  14. HE’S FOURTEEN. A child. Someone other them himself is damn well responsible for this. That’s not to say he bears no responsibility, but you don’t have fourteen year olds shooting women in playgrounds without other forces at play.

  15. That was my point. His parents failed him and allowed that type of thug mentality to corrupt his mind. Whether they allowed it, or helped influence it, they bear the responsibility for what happened. I’m tired of these parents some of these stupid know-nothing leaders excusing this kind of behavior. You hear them all the time blaming things like poverty for their decisions where I think it’s rather insulting to those who are poor and trying to make ends meet.

  16. Was the kid trying to shoot the woman for any particular reason? Maybe he was just acting under the influence of gangsta rap. Don’t worry about him. He’ll be sent to some juvenile facility and be back by the Parade grounds by next summer.

  17. Gee and I thought the elephant in the room was that guns are easily available to pretty much anyone without any requirement for safety training, licensing, demonstration of mental stability, or clean criminal record.

  18. The proliferation of illegal guns is beyond our control. This is a national issue that requires help from congress and the state where most of these guns can be traced back to and I don’t see that happening anytime soon. And even if that were to happen, it doesn’t address WHY do many young black men think it’s to go and to caary out these sensless acts of violence and terrorize their communities? If you look deeper, you would see that a lot of this is tied to the cutural fixiation of thuggism that is glorified in msm hip hop and poor parental decisions by parents.

  19. Such a lame manifestation of the current culture of No Personal Responsibility that you obviously subscribe to, maybe YOU are “bankrupt and complicit” but you have no call to lay that on “All”

  20. Remember, no one forced this teen to do what he did that day. he could have done million other things that day and he chose to shoot at these 2 women. He made the conscience decision on his own. I’m not saying he knows more than an adult but he should know what a gun does to a person when you fire it. His parents failed him.

  21. Such a lame manifestation of the current culture of No Personal Responsibility that you obviously subscribe to. Maybe YOU are “bankrupt and complicit” but you have no call to lay that on “All”

  22. Indeed. In fact, since the victims no doubt participated in the culture of violence as much as anyone, they arguably had it coming! The kid was only acting in self-defense!

  23. I bet you don’t have any kids. There is no way you can blame the actions of anyone on their parents. it doesn’t work that way. Believe it or not, a 14 yr old is very much capable of doing everything they are not suppose to, no matter what the parents say or do. Everyone has their own DNA.

  24. More excuses. He’s 14 not 40! 14 year olds generally don’t go around shooting at other people. You think this kid raised himself? Teenagers are very impressionable at the age of 14 so to say his parents don bare any responsibility for not doing enough to sway him from that lifestyle is disingenuous. I didn’t say this teen bares no responsibility for the shooting but his parents should share the blame for allowing their child to get to that point. Why don’t you ask Adam Lanzas’s mom why she though it would be good idea to introduce her mentally ill son to guns and gun culture? Oh wait, she dead, shot her by the same monster she created through her good parenting skills.

  25. What could “we” have done to make this kid’s mother a decent parent? A parent who cares what’s going on in this kid’s life? Who takes the time to know who his friends are? There are many parents who are working poor, who have more than one job and still take an active interest in their kids. I’m sorry, but as long as these acts are blamed on everyone, there will be no improvement.

  26. @Fred here a few things “we” can do:

    1. A living wage for anyone willing to work.
    2. Guaranteed affordable housing for anyone willing to work.
    3. Affordable accessable child care options for working families.
    4. Direct hands-on assistance to struggling young mothers for as long as they require it.
    5. Guaranteed universal pre-K
    6. Free Quality after school programs
    7. Jobs
    Accomplishing these things takes sacrifice from everyone. We tacitly accept this violence and naively blame it on bad patenting b/c it’s inconvenient to look at just how f**ked the bigger picture is. Or we’ boast big about our guns.

  27. Nice. Just be sure you don’t put anything on that list that one of us (e.g., a parent) can *really* do. I mean, I’m sure you don’t want anyone to actually get their hands dirty.

    Anyway, now that we know that we’re *all* to blame (i.e., that no one is to blame, wink wink) for this kid’s attempted murder, I guess we can all go back to reading The Nation and enjoying a cocktail.

  28. Oh, Brenda, he will be out of juvenile detention in no time. Don’t worry about him.

    I’m with you on stopping and frisking, though. For good measure, the NYPD should hire some retired teachers to accompany cops on that job — they know kids and can tell which ones are up to no good. Their success rate is up there with drug-sniffing beagles.

  29. Looking at how f**cked the bigger picture is is easy to do. There’s no better technique of denial or avoidance than keeping the discussion at the nice, comfortable academic level of “society’s failings”. Hell, that calls for a martini! It’s looking at how f**cked our own, personal picture is that’s inconvenient, because that might actually required us to care about our own children or get off our lazy, fat behinds and do something.

  30. Yeah, whatever. Next you’ll be telling us that the reason this kid had a snotty nose is because “we” didn’t wipe it for him.

    If you feel bad for this kid, what’s stopping you from helping him? You have a credit card, don’t you? And a computer to track down him or his family? So what’s the problem? What obstacle stands in your way?

    Put up or shut up.

  31. I have kids, and they are extremely Good Citizens. And it is a direct result of Good Parenting. I don’t think anyone believes his parent/s could have stopped that one particular action at that time , but had they instilled better values in him from early childhood, it wouldn’t be an issu

  32. Yes, guns are the problem, not people. We will ban guns, and there will be no more shooting crimes.
    While we are at it, since we are a nation of overweight people, how about we ban spoons, then nobody will get fat.

  33. Do we know anything about this kid? How do we know he doesn’t come from a home with decently employed parents and what not?

  34. I saw the aftermath. Was across the street and went to see what happened after the gunfire and saw the gunman running away along with everyone hiding. Does anyone know what his motives were? Was he aiming for someone else?

  35. If you really feel like you failed this kid, why don’t you visit him at Rikers? (Or maybe you’ve already done this.) You might also try to find out who his parents are and offer them some money. Would that make you feel better? There are a hundred ways you could help this family out. Nothing’s stopping you. Please let us know how it goes.


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