Technical Issues At Kings Plaza Mall Delay Opening for Primark, Zara and Others

Photo: Macerich

MARINE PARK – The highly anticipated grand opening of discount fashion chain in Kings Plaza, Primark, will no longer take place on May 16th.

Primark cited “technical issues” to be the reason for the delay and said it was “working with the developer and relevant authorities to ensure that we can open our doors as soon as possible.”

These “technical issues” are also holding back openings for other new tenants at Kings Plaza, including Zara, Burlington, and J.C. Penny.

“The bulk of the construction is complete,” Dawn Simon, the Area Senior Marketing Manager at Kings Plaza said. “We are in the final stages of the grand openings.”

The stores are now expected to open by the end of June, Simon said, with the exception of Zara, which is aiming for the end of summer.

In the meantime, Primark will be providing its employees with additional training.

“Some employees will be redeployed to Staten Island or other stores for shifts where needed. We will confirm the opening date in the coming weeks and look forward to welcoming customers to our new store soon.

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  1. The mall is really looking nice. Drive by all the time and wondered what would ever replace Sears. Looks like they did a good job.

  2. The current outside facade look is so very nice looking that I’m excited to see what’s inside when it opens. Thanks for keeping us updated, Zainab!

  3. The mall is looking nice. Hope they put a stop on kids coming to the mall just to hang out and not to shop. Some of these kids are disrespectful and loud. Mall need security in the front.

  4. Any update on when they think this Grand Opening will happen? My summer wardrobe is counting on it.

  5. Awesome.. The Grand Opening for Prime Mart has finally arrived and The mall store Front Looks Amazing. I’m very excited to see what this new store has in store for everyone that shops at the location.

  6. Well i like to shop and buy some nice things, so i cannot wait for the grand opening! They should have lots of colorful balloons outside and discount coupons too!
    First thing i will be looking for is a new
    pair of Bermuda Shorts, even though ive never been to Bermuda! Crazy huh!?
    After i go on my shopping spree, i will come back here, and tellyou exactly what i bought
    Thanks for listening
    Bartholemew from Church Avenue


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