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TCC Anti-Semitism & Islamophobia Forum Rescheduled


The Turkish Cultural Center of Brooklyn’s forum on anti-Semitism and Islamophobia, originally scheduled for this afternoon, has been postponed.

A new date has yet to be selected.

On the upside, the organization’s director has told Sheepshead Bites they’ll be using the time between now and the rescheduled forum to tweak the program, taking feedback from Sheepshead Bites’ commenters into consideration.

The group said they hope to add a local a rabbi to the program, as well as possibly split it into two events – one in the afternoon for students, and one later in the day for adults.

More information will be posted as the group firms up its plans.

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  1. Islam is stupid. Judaism is stupid. Christianity is stupid. The only true god is the Flying Spaghetti Monster in all has starchy goodness, and marinara filled love. ALL HALL THE FLYING SPHAGETTI MONSTER. 

  2. I really don’t understand – and have no appreciation for – people who leave comments like this on a public event about tolerance and diversity, and which is done at the group’s expense and for altruistic purposes. 

    No asked what you think of other people’s religions. This is an inclusive event done by a group that has done a lot of good work in Sheepshead Bay and Southern Brooklyn.

  3. Baseless, hate-filled, and incredibly stupid comments are also something not to be tolerated. They are not the least bit constructive, nor are they conducive to bringing different faiths together or fostering good will. You should really be ashamed of yourself.

  4. Wholeheartedly agree, but in a diverse world, there are those whose minds are closed or just too stupid to communicate.
    Above, we have a prime example of the latter.

  5. Try spewing that thoughtless nonsense  in most countries and you’d be silenced — permanently or indefinitely. 
    Be glad you have the right to say what you feel–regardless of how ignorant you appear.

  6. That’s quite a broad statement, and flies in the face of some of the reasons this country was founded. Here one is free to practice whatever spiritual beliefs they hold, as long as such expression causes no provable harm to others. This arrangement has worked out pretty well for more than 200 years

    You may believe that your desire to eliminate religion from society is a superior view, but in fact it is not. Religion is not the cause of society’s ills. Certainly it can misapplied, some may seek to entice people to do harmful things using only the name of religion, but not its true principles. Meanwhile, legitimate groups use religion as a aid in changing society for the better. It matters not that we may not agree fully with their beliefs. The world would suffer a great loss without these institutions and the positive  contributions of individuals within them. We need all the help we can get.

  7.  usually i don’t agree with crap…. But in this particular case i am Agreeing. Except you put this crap in the wrong post.

    Like here we have a group that is spreading it’s hate towards Israel and Jewish people….  Sad part is, most of those people are Americans.

    If Human beings had nothing to believe in, they would all be Striving to better themselves in peace and harmony. Religion on the other hand doesn’t let us have Peace, because every Religion is different and every Belief is different. Hence all the Wars going on.  Also Religion is the BIGGEST Money maker…. Sooo why should that change? 

    it is what it is. Learn to deal with it, Respect People when your in their presence.

  8. Before this gets out of hand, let’s remember that often-mentioned First Amendment is protecting everybody’s right to practice whatever religion they choose (or none).
    If you are within 50 United States (and District of Columbia), nobody is coming to close your church, like, ever (can’t guarantee the same for your mosque, but that’s a different topic).

    So, be secure in their faith, add the words “(not all the time)” to Kon’s comment and we will all live somewhat happily.

  9. Oh hey guys! We’re having a meeting about how YOU need to respect our silly religions, you have to respect Judaism and Islam, because if you don’t, it’s a hate crime, you ignorant swine. 

  10. Some human beings without a higher power would not benefit nor strive for anything except self destruction. 
    The fear of God has kept many in line.
    The 10 commandments….a pretty noble way to live.
    Kosher is healthy.
    Religions have had and always will have alternatives. 
    People who are truly spiritual in their religion want peace and harmony for everyone.
    Yes, there were wars amongst religions but the real culprit is and has been greed.
    Greed and gluttony. Some people have no scruples nor conscience and go about not giving a damn. Ignorance is bliss. In education the is hope.
    To each his own, yes, when you own more than you could possibly need it’s past time to help others.
    Wall Street is the big money maker. religious facilities are having a hard go at it right now…not even able to afford a place of worship.

  11.  So people need a placebo or they will go crazy? Why aren’t atheists going on murder sprees?

    10 Commandments huh? Because you absolutely needs religion to figure out that killing someone isn’t a good thing
    The Commandment about keeping the sabbath holy? What about the quote that you should kill those who work on sabbath? Exodus 31:12-15
    There’s a quote about killing those who break the respect your parents commandment. Pretty noble way to live.
    Kosher slaughter requires the animal to be fully conscious during slaughter. Perhaps it was healthy

    Who is to say that the peaceful practitioner has any more faith than a fanatic suicide bomber?

    At best, religion is just a superstitious placebo to make you feel good, at the worst… I believe I don’t even have to list those things.

  12.  Can’t edit comments? Perhaps Kosher was the healthiest option before people knew about germs and before food safety and regulation came into place, but there’s no reason to follow that old religious rule anymore. You can’t mix dairy and meat in kosher, and a pepperoni pizza isn’t going to kill you.

  13.  How do you know atheists aren’t going on murder sprees? Please cite your sources?

    (written with apologies to all the decent atheists who do not engage in the practice of generalizing)

  14. The key word was SOME. That is what started your not understanding.
    I do not absolutely needs anything except food and shelter. Without civilization as it has developed, no, people did not know killing was wrong. 
    I am not even attempting to run with every quote…..but damn sure if someone killed my parents I sure as hell would want to give them great pain. If I could yes, kill them. An eye for an eye.
    If i slit the bastards wrist/throat, he would die slowly…peacefully almost like drifting off into a nod. With a razor sharp knife the Mom and Dad killer would be gone humanely without the expense of electricity or drugs. Call it a Kosher killing.
    I never said a suicide bomber had faith but evidently a warped version.
    I am not saying that an atheist is a bad person. My daughter and her family are atheist and they do just fine.
    So again with your comment….THE KEY WORd WAS “SOME” human…..
    Me, I respect all religion, the right to choose to have or not have a religion and comment out of line. 
    I could also run with the attitude “fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke”, but I prefer not to go there. 

  15. To Anon and can’t edit comments.
    Kosher is painless done properly, the animal is alive so a person knows it is healthy.
    There were no Kosher cows going mad and finding their way to slaughter. 
    The digestive system believe it or not works best on one form of foods at a time.
    There are health reasons not to mix meat and dairy but you just want BS about the topic. Play with someone else.

  16. Agree with the last part, disagree with the first part.

    I’ll just give you the latest scandal to think about:
    “Spanish society has been shaken by allegations of the theft and trafficking of thousands of babies by nuns, priests and doctors, which started under Franco and continued up to the 1990s.”

    “In 1971 Manoli, who was 23 at the time and not long married, gave birth to what she was told was a healthy baby boy, but he was immediately taken away for what were called routine tests.
    Nine interminable hours passed. “Then, a nun, who was also a nurse, coldly informed me that my baby had died,” she says.
    They would not let her have her son’s body, nor would they tell her when the funeral would be.”

    Note to Lisanne:  if this would happen to my child, there would have been an atheist serial killer…

  17. More people have died in the name of God (whoever that God may be, whether it’s Catholic, Muslim, Jewish, whatever) than any other reason in the history of man. FACT. And 3,000 innocents were killed 9/11/01 by MUSLIMS. Every terrorist act done over the last 40 years or so…MUSLIMS. The religion of peace. FACT. 

  18. I kinda agree with you, too many wars over religion. But I have the cynical thought that if there weren’t religion, humans would merely find another reason to wage war. Money, race, resources, there’s a host of other excuses, sadly.

  19.  I never heard one health care professional, this includes Dr. Oz that advocates not mixing dairy with meat

  20. Islamophobia really, they wonder why:

    – Blowing themselves-up and crashing planes to get virgins.
    – Cutting peoples heads off.
    – Stoning people to death.
    – They want to bring Jihad and Sharia Law to America.
    – Killing other people that are not from the muslim ideology.

    Need proof, it’s in there “Quran 9:111” where they can kill anyone who is not from the muslim ideology (meaning Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, etc). In the Quran they are even allowed to lie to obtain this goal.

    Islam is not a religion, it’s an ideology. Other religions don’t advocate lying and 
    killing of others because there not from that faith. I’m sure Americans don’t want Jihad or Sharia Law implemented in US territory.

    The most humane solution is to start deporting them back to there muslim countries, where they can enjoy there Sharia Law, that they love so much. 

    Check-out these videos, wake-up, you decide:


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