T.B. Ackerson Built an Honest House

TB Ackerson Brochure

This sales brochure from the T.B. Ackerson Company in 1901 lays out the virtues of Beverley Square West and Beverley Square East:

Nowhere can you find a place with so many advantages to build your home and bring up your family as you will find at Beverley Square.
Here you may have a country home with all its virtues–its clear invigorating air, its abundance of cool, pure water, its beautiful shade trees, flower beds, lawns, its detached houses with plenty of space between, allowing air and light on all sides–and with all the advantages and conveniences of the great Metropolis–city improvements, schools, clubs, etc.
Only 21 minutes from the crowded city to this light and airy suburb.

It’s interesting to note that yes, the neighborhoods were spelled with that third E, but the map shows the street was still Beverly at the time. Also interesting? A BSW house started at $6,500, BSE at $10,000!

Thanks to Jocelyn Lucas Rosenberg (of BSW) for scanning and sending.