Taxpayer Money Used To Praise Jesus

A Catholic neighbor sent over the following letter that he received from State Senator Carl Kruger. The neighbor wrote:

kruger sent me a letter for Easter, praising Jesus
I found it an odd use of government money

We couldn’t agree more. And the letter didn’t exactly lay it on easy, either. Here’s an excerpt:

The sacred holiday of Easter commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ … The life and teachings of Jesus continue to speak to every generation, providing hope for the future and the promise of new life. He taught the importance of helping others and serving our communities. His selfless devotion and mercy provide a remarkable example for all of us. His lesson is timeless and reminds us that even in the face of struggle, hope endures.

So, it begs the question: why is a Jewish politician, in a largely Jewish district, funded primarily by Jewish interests, using taxpayer money to talk up the J-man?

Here’s the full letter: