Tap Beer Opens On East 19th Street And Avenue U

Price tag glue is extra tasty.

We love it when new businesses open, and the stranger, the better. Tap Beer, at 2081 East 19th Street (off of Avenue U), opened just a few short weeks ago, and its quirky setup and offerings are definitely… unique.

Walk into this original enterprise, and you’ll find a very tiny storefront selling a sliver of the usual bodega fare: chips, canned foods and tampons. But all the real action is behind the counter that divides the store. A wall of, you guessed it, beer taps. They sell more than a dozen draft beers, ranging from cheap domestic to mid-priced imports – the latter usually from Eastern Europe. Ask for one, and they pop on a  plastic liter bottle, fill it up, and seal it – without the usual bottle deposits a growler or keg might incur.

In the glass display case, they also have a variety of smoked meats and fish. Just be warned – the older couple that runs this place have a very limited English vocabulary, leading to all kinds of hijinx when we stopped by to give it a try.


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