Coney Island’s Takeshi Yamada To Star On New AMC Show About Taxidermy

Takeshi Yamada, a taxidermist and one of Coney Island’s more interesting local artists, is getting a huge spotlight as he is set to star in AMC’s new competitive taxidermy show, Immortalized.

Chances are you were as confused reading those sentences as I was writing them, but yes, competitive taxidermy is apparently a thing. Well, if it wasn’t a thing, it is now thanks to AMC’s outside the box reality programming.

It should be interesting to follow the exploits of Takeshi Yamada (featured above), the local Coney Island freak-show taxidermist who takes special pride in assembling fake creatures like his disturbing two-headed baby corpses, (shudder…)

The talented Yamada works an incredible 16 hours a day and has been described as a “rogue taxidermist.” There is something beautiful and disturbing around the 50-second mark in the video above when Yamada is combing the Coney Island creek in his magical-steam-punk outfit for dead things to turn into fresh art.

To see the first episode, click here and watch it on AMC’s website. To catch Immortalized on TV, tune in on Thursdays at 10 p.m. on AMC.