Finally, A Solution To NYC’s Dog Poop Problem!

Let’s make one thing clear, it is not the fault of dogs that their waste litters our streets. It is the fault of the owners. Their irresponsibility degrades the quality of life on streets across the city, and what’s worse is that it encourages others to shirk responsibility as well. The issue has angered people to such an extent that a company has sprung up that tests a dog’s DNA to track it back to the negligent owner in question.

This idea is not a new one. Way back in 2010, we noticed that residents in Park Slope, fed up with their own dog waste problems, suggested doing this very thing, mainly as a joke. Well, according to a report in the Huffington Post, the joke has become real, and PooPrints, created by BioPet Vet Lab, offers services to housing complexes and developments that have the desire to make dog DNA swabbing a requirement for residents.

So basically, if a community employs PooPrints and a pile of dog waste is found, they can then track it back to the owner and issue them a fine of anywhere from $150-$1,000. The service, which operates in 33 states, has not yet come to New York City.

Some think the issue it is a victimless crime only affecting schlubs unlucky enough to step in a pile. As we’ve previously reported, besides lowering the quality of life in our neighborhoods, unattended dog waste on the streets is a total hazard for the disabled, especially those using wheelchairs that they push with their hands.

A Roosevelt Island blog is suggesting that they should be the testing ground for this new service, as their community has had a big problem with dog waste. The reality is that unattended dog waste is a problem that most New Yorkers have to deal with, and I wonder how upset privacy advocates would react to the service if it ever did become prominent citywide.


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