Take Out That Doesn’t Suck: John And Dave Bagels

by Tom W. via yelp.com

One thing I was very happy to learn after moving into my apartment was that it was located in L &  B’s delivery zone.

Another classic neighborhood business whose delivery service I deeply appreciate is John and Dave Bagels – formerly known as Dale Bagels (glad they kept the sign) – on 18th Avenue and 62nd Street.

John and Dave’s satisfying steak, egg and cheese on a hero is what keeps me going after groggily waking to another day of work.

I’m also a big fan of their bagels and bialys, which easily hold their own against any of the hyped up operations on the other side of the East River.

Great food isn’t the only reason that this is my favorite bagel store.

Last Friday, a few minutes after receiving my breakfast, the delivery guy rang my bell again.

It seems I had accidentally given him a five dollar bill instead of a one. Instead of assuming that I wanted to tip 60%, he gave me back the five and actually refused the extra dollar I offered to replace it with.

I’ll always value their quick deliveries and great bagels but integrity, that’s priceless.

A big thank you to everyone at John and Dave Bagels – from the guy who calls my girlfriend honey five million times when she calls, to the people who prepare the food, to the deliverymen, they’re a true neighborhood treasure.

John and Dave Bagels (formerly known as Dale Bagels) is located at 6201 18th Avenue, on the corner of 62nd Street. Their hours are from 5 a.m to 12 midnight. The phone numbers are 718 232-2368 or 646 520-7462


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