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Five-Year-Old Injured After Falling Off Coney Island Kiddie Coaster

Sea Serpent Coaster (Source: edenpictures via flickr)A 5-year-old boy and his 7-year-old sister were hurt riding the kiddie Sea Serpent Roller Coaster in Coney Island last night. The New York Daily News is reporting [http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/brooklyn/horror-coney-island-amusement-park-small-child-woman-injured-ride-article-1.1427165] that while the sister’s injuries were

bellevue hospital

Levi Aron Has Personality Disorder, Says Psychiatrist, Sister Died In Mental Institution

Levi Aron and defense attorney Pierre Bazile (image by Louis Lanzano via Daily News)According to a story in yesterday’s Daily News, Levi Aron [/levi-aron-indicted-in-murder-of-leiby-kletzky/], the so-called ‘Butcher of Brooklyn,’ accused of brutally murdering and dismembering 8-year-old Leiby Kletzky, “shows signs of the schizophrenia that landed his sister in