Suspicious Activity on Argyle Road

A neighbor writes in to report suspicious activity on Argyle Road.

My neighbor woke me at 5:30 this morning to show me that there were two chairs from our backyard underneath a side window. At some point yesterday or overnight, someone had pushed up our side window and screen (which was partially open, duh on our part) and gone into our backyard to get chairs to put underneath it to gain access. Thankfully, it appears they didn’t follow through with the break-in. Just a reminder to stay alert!

Stay alert, be smart and keep your neighbors in the loop.

Remember that the 70th precinct will come do a security check of your house or apartment for free to make suggestions about what can be done to help prevent break-ins. Lieutenant Jacqueline Bourne says you can contact the Crime Prevention unit at 718-851-5504 for more information.


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