Suspect Cleared Of Charges After Witness Spots ‘Real’ Perp

It hasn’t been a good year for Michael Taylor, until now. Mr. Taylor,  age 50 with two prior convictions for robbery and grand larceny, had  been charged with holding up one of Bensonhurst’s two Radio Shacks.  Between his criminal record and the testimony of an eyewitness, his odds  of receiving either a not guilty verdict or leniency from the judge  were long to say the least.

In the end, fate proved favorable for Michael Taylor. Richard  Dougherty, the employee who had handed over the store’s cash to an armed  robber back in September 2009, was walking down Jay Street on his way  to the courthouse Monday when he saw another man he claims is the  real perpetrator. When Mr. Taylor found out that the charges had been  dropped, he began to cry. The ex-con, now a private sanitation worker,  walked out court with his wife a free man.

Daily News: Wrongfully accused robber let off


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