Surfish Bistro Planning Big Dive Into 3rd Avenue

The new Surfish Bistro on 3rd Avenue
The new and larger Surfish Bistro is coming to 3rd Avenue. (Photo by Josef Valu)

You’ll soon be able to enjoy your Peruvian ceviche and tapas with a lot more legroom, when Surfish Bistro opens a new, larger location in Gowanus.

So says Miguel Aguilar, chef and owner of Surfish Bistro, whose smaller restaurant at 351 5th Avenue (between 4th and 5th Streets) will remain open for business as well.

According to Aguilar, the new restaurant at 550 3rd Avenue (corner of 14th Street) “will have two full floors. It’s a big, comfortable space.”

The new restaurant is still waiting on some licensing issues, “but we’ll be opening in November,” says Aguilar.

So how about the current restaurant on 5th Avenue?

“We won’t be closing it,” explains Aguilar. “But the menu will be smaller there. We will serve rotisserie chicken and Peruvian sandwiches. Our full menu will be at our new place.”

We’ll update you later this fall when the opening takes place. Meanwhile, you can get your Peruvian fix on 5th Avenue!