Sure, It’s 50+ Degrees Outside, But Remember When It Snowed Last Week? Here Are Some Photos

I am literally – literally – foaming at the mouth of the thought of spring. I’m so eager for the warm weather that when I first stepped outside this morning, into the 50+ degree weather, I said “hot diggity ” and stripped down to my boxers, mixed up some mojitos and sat in a lawn chair in front of my house.

Then I realized there were no babushkas around me, the younger gals weren’t yet in their, uh, more amenable attire, and the sound of school kids at Homecrest Park weren’t echoing through the side streets. I must have jumped the gun on spring.

And how could I forget that just three days ago – three! – it was a white winter, with a heavy, wet snow blanketing the neighborhood (if only for a moment). Luckily, some of our friendly neighborhood photographers sent over what they got from Friday’s snowfall to remind me just how darn far away warm weather really is. There’s also one from the Church Avenue Q line station that was just nifty.

Thanks guys: Robert Fernandez, Roman Kruglov and Ella Rabinovich.


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