Super Swanky Brighton Beach Penthouse For Sale, But Where Are The Petite Lap Giraffes?

Red Arrow Indicates Versace Obession At Swanky Brighton Beach Penthouse via

NY Curbed keeps us up to date on the most extremely luxurious and outrageous Brighton pads up for sale and today they have a brand new one to ogle at. In fact, it may just be the most ridiculous one yet.

Located at Oceana Drive West for a hefty sum of $1.57 million, this condo is littered with Versace design points. Versace covers everything in this place; the flooring, the textiles and the showers. I thought Versace was a fashion designer or something, not a decorator, but whatever.

The main vibe I get from skimming through all the pics of this place is that it may be the real life home of the “Opulence, I has it” guy. Now, where’s the Versace Petite Lap Giraffe?


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