Sunshine Pharmacy to Open on Voorhies Avenue

sunshine pharmacy oct 2009

It’s goodbye to swimwear and hello to drugs at 1622 Voorhies Avenue.

It seems like yesterday when the summer was here and everyone was headed to the beach. On the way to the beach, many would stop at Seahorse to peruse the racks for the latest in strings and thongs to cover up with.

The Seahorse swimwear store was the place to go even during off-season to buy beach coverings for those winter vacations in sunny spots. Instead, the changing seasons in Sheepshead Bay have brought us sunshine in the form of the Sunshine Pharmacy.

Located just off Sheepshead Bay Road — just storefronts away from a Maimonides Medical Center satellite clinic and within walking distance of quite a few medical and dental complexes,   — and with an illuminated sign advertising 50% off all in-stock drugs, the pharmacy is probably expecting to get customers looking to fill their prescriptions, before they spot the many other pharmacies nearby.

Did anyone notice when Seahorse raced out of here?