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Sunset Park Named One Of The World’s Coolest Neighborhoods


SUNSET PARK – What do Brooklyn, Copenhagen, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, and Seoul have in common? Each is home to one of the world’s top ten coolest neighborhoods!

Photo by BKLYNER

Lonely Planet recently released the survey, “10 of the world’s coolest neighborhoods to visit right now.” The travel publisher surveyed its roster of Lonely Planet Locals from around the world and asked them for their “must-see neighbourhoods.”

Along with some more exotic locales, Sunset Park was selected for being “one of Brooklyn’s most exciting under-the-radar” neighborhoods that’s home to a diverse and exciting “mix of cultures and traditions.”

Lonely Planet lists Industry City, the “historic Melody Lanes bowling alley,” Brooklyn’s Chinatown “with its rows of restaurants, bubble tea shops and boutiques,” as well as Sunset Park’s “large Latin American community and plenty of friendly bars,” as some of the area’s highlights.

“At the centre of it all is Sunset Park itself,” the article states. “Set on one of the highest hills in Brooklyn, it offers spectacular views of lower Manhattan for the locals and visitors who flock here on summer evenings.”

The full list of coolest neighborhoods includes: Sunset Park, New York City; Borgo San Frediano, Florence; Seongsu-dong, Seoul; The Triangle, Lisbon; Vesterbro, Copenhagen; Business Bay, Dubai; Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur; Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro; Frelard, Seattle; and Tooting, London.

Do you agree that Sunset Park is Brooklyn’s coolest neighborhood?


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  1. I grew up on 40th Street & 8th Avenue and every summer enjoyed going to the pool at Sunset Park and getting that locker room key which we would put on our ankle. I think it cost 10 cents and we used to bring lunch from home in the form of a sandwich which my mother would make for us. We used to climb up the hill and see the sights.

  2. So, now that Sunset Park has been declared “cool,” whatever that means, realtors and developers will waste no time in raising rents and pricing out the immigrant, low income, and middle income residents. How cool is that?

  3. Now we’re the coolest neighborhood but we been neglected for the past 70 years by politicians policemen and slumlords THIS article is BULLCRAP and this is just a article to attract the YUPPIES!!!! And kill the immigrant / low income / Latino community
    F U …….

  4. I have living here for 11 years – seen many changes. Artists have been priced out – rents are on the rise and developers have become richer and richer. Yet, I must agree, most of the services in Sunset part are way below par. DOS, DEP, DEPH and the list goes on. We are unable to open windows, walk safely on our streets, use our yards without being threatened by a growing raccoon population, and some are already rabid. No help from any city agency. Yet, the NYC has spent thousands of dollars on a poster campaign highlighting that we must live with this problem, “Raccoons are New Yorkers” – hire your own trapper and pay $300 per raccoon taken from your property! That is the city’s response! Thank you NYC goverment! Welcome to Sunset Park, the coolest new neighborhood!


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